Deployment of Higher Automation


Fragmented availability of automated driving functions
and frequent takeover requests

The complete set of conditions that allow safe operation of an Automated Vehicle (AV) is defined as Operational Design Domain (ODD). Today, even within the parameters of the ODD, the AV encounters a number of challenges that require the driver to switch back to manual driving from automated driving mode. This situation compromises the overall travel experience and is unacceptable for a marketable vehicle.


Widespread and continuous Operational Design Domains (ODDs)
on European roads

Hi-Drive strives to extend the ODD and reduce the frequency of takeover requests by selecting and implementing technology enablers leading to highly capable Connected Automated Driving Functions (CADFs). Passenger cars and trucks will demonstrate CADFs in a large set of traffic environments on motorways, in cities and cross-border scenarios, with a specific attention to demanding, error-causing conditions.


Robust and reliable high automation
across borders and brands

Connected Automated Vehicles (CAVs) equipped with robust and reliable technology enablers bridge the ODD gaps. The removal of fragmentation in the ODD paves the way towards a gradual transition from a conditional operation towards higher levels of automated driving. The result is a safe and efficient automated road transport system, in which CAVs operate for longer periods and interoperability is assured across borders and brands.



Deployment ecosystem, the collaboration platform for cross-sector alliances and strategic liaison

Technology enablers for CAD vehicles to operate in defragmented ODDs

Define and build up high automation fleet - passenger cars and trucks

Extended methodology for testing high automation across Europe – from single user and vehicle level to transport system level

Testing performance and reliability of ADFs for extending and defragmenting ODDs

Develop a firm understanding of the user when interacting with automated vehicles.

Assess the impacts of high automation up to transport system and socio-economic level.

Advocate deployment of high automation in Europe and beyond.

Downloads & Data

This space is being updated over the entire project duration with the latest research, project results, publications and open source data generated by our project partners.

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