Hi-Drive 1st Roadshow + SPL|WPL meeting 03.02.2023 | January 30 - February 2, 2023 – Muonio (Lapland), Finland

The Hi-Drive project had an extensive 3-day meeting above the Arctic Circle in Olos, Lapland (Finland).

In that freezing yet breathtaking extreme environment, the ‘work package’ and ‘sub-project’ leaders met in order to present, discus and recalibrate on the projects progress.

Now that the Hi-Drive projects AVs are successively equipped with newly implemented Enabler Technologies and hitting the roads for data collection, that meeting also launched a series of planned roadshows.

All participants had the unique opportunity to experience firsthand the challenges of Automated Driving in adverse Arctic weather conditions on board fully equipped research vehicles. With the VTT research scientists and hosts at the helm of the experience, no question remained unanswered on the specific work and trials conducted here towards further extending the ODD of Automated Driving.
The specific “Rural Chauffeur” scenario developed in collaboration with Bosch, showcased Enabler Technologies relying on the vehicle’s internet and mobile network connectivity (4G/5G) allowing for the integration of cloud based ‘HotSpot MapCloud’ software and ‘Landmark Signature Recognition Maps’ that use artificial landmarks when lane markings are not visible.

Among other highlights were free driving on rural (two-lane) roads without lane markings and in urban areas at up to 50 km/h on a defined public testing road in nearby Muonio, border crossing into Sweden and a guided visit of the Lapland Proving Ground testing area.

→  Please find the final Roadshow-video HERE!

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