18th Open Auto Drive Forum Event 22.11.2022 | Hi-Drive project presentation on on November 22, 2022

The 18th OADF event took place as an online-only event.

The Open Auto Drive Forum (OADF) member organizations, including ADASIS, NDS, SENSORIS, SIP-adus, TIS and TN-ITS as well as ASAM informed the attendeesĀ  about their latest contributions in the field of automated driving.

Contributions from industry experts included a presentation by Aria Etemad Hi-Drive project coordinator from Volkswagen on the challenges of introducing higher automation, a presentation by Steffen Kuhn from Elektrobit on map reliability recommendations in the upcoming ISO TS 5083 and a presentation by Trond Hovland from ITS Norway on standardizing HD maps for the next generation of mobility.

More information: www.openautodrive.org
Find the event agenda HERE

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