Presenting Hi-Drive at #H2020RTR21 31.03.2022 | Hi-Drive project presentation at CCAM | 2Zero 2022 in Brussels - March 29-30, 2022

The Towards zero emission road transport (2Zero) is a co-programmed partnership funded under the Horizon Europe programme aiming at accelerating the transition towards zero tailpipe emission road mobility across Europe.

The 5th edition of H2020RTR21 was held in Brussels, Belgium, from March 29-30, 2022

Session 19 “Introducing connected automated mobility in real traffic conditions” gave an overview of state-of-the-art research projects, focusing on the demonstration of different CCAM applications in real traffic conditions. Among the featured projects was L3Pilot with its clear focus: piloting Automated Driving, with 1000 drivers, 100 cars, on 10 different European roads, on 4 different application areas: traffic jam, motorway, parking and urban. Moreover, the project also contributed to the description and taxonomy of Automated Driving functions in relation to the Operational Design Domain (ODD). An upgrade of the CoP (Code of Practice) for the development of Automated Driving Functions was made within the project as a successor of the previous AdaptIVe project. Another important delivery of the project for broader use was the FESTA methodology, which was brought to the next level to make it applicable for automated driving tests.

Building on the success and work of L3Pilot, Hi-DRIVE – the next major European flagship project – was laid out to the public by framing the challenges towards the deployment of Higher Automation driven by the systematic removal of fragmentation elements in the ODD.

The Hi-Drive coordinator Aria Etemad was keynote speaker.

Find the full presentation here:

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