Hi-Drive at IEEE IV2022 10.06.2022 | Presenting Hi-Drive at the 33rd IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium - June 5-9, 2022 – Aachen, Germany

The IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium is a premier forum sponsored by the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (ITSS). Researchers, engineers, practitioners, and students, from industry, universities and government agencies are invited to present their latest work and to discuss research and applications for intelligent vehicles and vehicle-infrastructure cooperation. The conference offers technical sessions, workshops, poster sessions, exhibitions, and more.

This year’s 33rd IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium took place from June 5-9, 2022 in Aachen, Germany. International experts from universities, industry and government agencies gathered to discuss the exciting future of mobility with a major focus on intelligent vehicles. The 33rd IEEE IV, that was hosted by the Institute for Automotive Engineering (ika), offered a selected lecture program, workshops, a technical exhibition as well as a social program with plenty of networking opportunities. The final day of the event was mostly dedicated to demonstrations performed at Aldenhoven Testing Center to demonstrate newest technologies and innovative prototypes. Demonstrations from research- or education-oriented work and especially developments by high-tech companies were the highlight at this event day.

Hyundai presented a Hi-Drive based vehicle during the demonstration day by showing a V2X enabled AD reaction due to V2X inidacted hazardous situation (ToR to Driver followed by an MRM, demonstration on test track). In addition FEV.io held a presentation and Felix Fahrenkrog, from BMW, led a workshop and also held a presentation.

Hi-Drive partners used the opportunity to represent the European agenda on the future realisation of automated driving.

Find out more about the event here:
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