ROADSHOW#3 VIDEO PUBLICATION 06.06.2024 | Pre-Deployment Study on SAE Level 3 User Accepted Driving

Roadshow#3 – Pre-Deployment Study on SAE Level 3 User Accepted Driving

The third installment of the Hi-Drive Roadshow showcases the pre-deployment study on users’ acceptance of SAE Level 3 ADFs conducted by BMW in Munich.

This comprehensive study, carried out over three stages between Autumn 2022 and 2023, focuses on user behavior with SAE Level 3 automated driving (AD) systems on urban motorways and the Autobahn. Participants drove the AD-equipped vehicles multiple times, allowing for detailed observation of changes in their mental mode and attitudes toward AD. Perception data was gathered through extended questionnaires to chart ADF acceptance. Vehicle and camera data were also crucial in examining how often and under what conditions participants engaged in secondary tasks.

The video illustrates the activation of ADF as the dashboard lights up in blue, indicating that the driver can safely remove their hands from the wheel. It also shows drivers performing secondary tasks, such as using a mobile phone or taking their eyes off the road for extended periods. Additionally, the take-over request is depicted when the dashboard lights up in red and produces an auditory signal, alerting the driver to retake control of the vehicle. These elements showcase the strides made in automated driving technology and user acceptance.

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