Europe wide User Education Campaign 06.11.2023 | The Hi-Drive project and FIA are teaming up for User Education Campaign on automated driving functions across 11 countries in Europe.


The Hi-Drive user education campaign spans 11 European countries. Led by the FIA Region I network of automotive and mobility clubs, including ACI Italy, ADAC Germany, RACB Belgium, and more, the initiative aims to enhance our understanding and interaction with automated driving (AD) technologies.


Automated driving offers potential advantages such as heightened road safety and reduced environmental impact. However, the true impact of AD deployment hinges not only on technology adoption but also on user comprehension of its functionalities.

The campaign aims to dispel misconceptions about AD, promote responsible driving habits, and highlight the advantages of automated vehicles. It delves into 14 automated driving functions, covering a spectrum from basic driver support features to advanced automated driving functionalities, ranging from levels 0 to 3 as defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). It is equally important to recognize the current limitations; most of these functions require the driver’s full attention.

This initiative paves the way for seamless integration of automated vehicles, with a focus on user safety.
>>> The digital campaign is accessible in 10 languages and runs from November 2023 to October 2024.

Join us in shaping a future where roads are paths of progress, safety, and sustainability. Together, we steer towards a new era of mobility, blending innovation with responsibility!


For more information on the the digital user education campaign follow us on our social media channels:

Hi-Drive on LinkedIn: company/hi-drive X(twitter): @_HiDrive_
FIA Region I on LinkedIn: FIA Region I   |  X(twitter): @FIARegionI


…AND please go find your national Mobility Clubs to stay tuned !

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