Hi-Drive Roadshow 1 & 2 - FREE and LIVE WEBINAR 22.09.2023 | Friday - 10:00-12:00 CEST

The second exclusive FREE and LIVE webinar took place on Friday 22 September 2023, from 10:00-12:00 CEST

Hosted by the Hi-Drive consortium, this webinar dove into the critical realms of Automated Driving in adverse weather conditions and GNSS denied areas. These pivotal subjects are integral to the project’s large scale roadshow demonstration campaign, showcased during Roadshow#1 in Lapland, Finland, in early February, and Roadshow#2 at Tunnel Rennsteig in June 2023.

Led by expert hosts, attendees were able to gain insights into the strategies aimed at expanding the Operational Design Domain (ODD) of Automated Driving. Research scientists from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Bosch zone in on the facets of AD in extreme conditions found in Arctic regions. Their focus was directed towards ‘Landmark Signature Recognition‘ and ‘HotSpot MapCloud‘ Enabler technologies, integrated and currently undergoing rigorous testing on their research vehicles.

In the subsequent segment, the Hi-Drive industry partner, Valeo Deutschland, in collaboration with BASt – The Federal Highway Research Institute, dissected strategies designed to tackle challenges ranging from GPS signal loss and restricted camera visibility to lighting transitions and tunnel geometry.

We thank all attendees for their participation!

All the presentations are available for download here:

Artic CAD –Automated Driving challenges in snowy conditions (Matti Kutila, VTT | Topi Miekkala, VTT)
– Supporting Automated Driving through crowd-sourcing based information services (Tobias Müller, Bosch)
Precise Positioning and localization inside Tunnel Rennsteig (Sanwardhini Pantawane, Valeo DE)
– Tunnels in Germany & challenges towards Automated Driving (Anne Lehan, BASt)




10:00 – 10:10   Short welcome and introduction
10:10 – 11:05   Roadshow #1 – CAD in Adverse Weather Conditions
  – Video clip
  – Artic CAD – Automated Driving challenges in snowy conditions
  – ‘Landmark Signature Recognition’ and ‘HotSpot MapCloud’
  – Crowd-Sourcing based Information Services supporting Automated Driving
  – Q & A
11:05 – 12:00   Roadshow #2 – Automated Driving in GNSS denied areas
  – Video clip
  – Precise Positioning using SLAM in tunnels
  – Tunnels in Germany & challenges towards Automated Driving
  – Q & A


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