Hi-Drive's 1st Summer School 06.09.2023 | At the beautiful summer resort of Porto Heli in Greece | 06-07 September 2023


Following a series of summer school events organised within the framework of PReVENT, HAVEit, interactIVe, AdaptIVe, and L3Pilot Integrated Projects, the flagship EU Project for automated driving, Hi-Drive is organizing its 1st Summer School on ‘Driving towards the deployment of Higher Automation’, which will take place on 06 – 07 September 2023, at the beautiful summer resort of Porto Heli in Greece (AKS Porto Heli Hotel), just a few hours away from Athens.

During this two-day event, prominent speakers from both academia and industry, as well as key experts from European projects and international initiatives in the field will be invited to give cutting-edge lectures on the latest developments and main challenges in the field of Automated Driving (AD).

With a focus on the theory and practice of Automated Driving Implementation and Testing, Hi-Drive invites researchers, Ph.D. students, developers, technicians, and other professionals to explore the potentials of AD, expand their expertise and networks, and present their research work to a number of academics and highly qualified professionals. The focus of the Hi-Drive 1st summer school will be on the latest findings and main challenges in the areas of AD testing and validation covering the following thematics: Learning-based AD perception and decision-making, AD system-theoretic safety analysis, Mixing real-world testing with simulation testing, Collaborative driving testing, Human-CAV interaction testing.


Participation at the event is free of charge, but registration is compulsory.
Registrations are open until July 14th



Participants will familiarize themselves with new research directions in CAD testing-related areas through a series of lectures held by international experts and will be given a chance to present their own work during a poster exhibition.

  • Network with other people working in the field, meet distinguished scholars, and establish contacts for potential future research collaborations;
  • Get inspired by some of the best of the best in AD RnD;
  • Meet and interact with experts and peers in the AD field;
  • Sneak a peek at the workings of the EU flagship project Hi-Drive;
  • Gain exposure to state-of-the-art techniques and methods and get familiar with international standards relevant to AD testing;
  • Attain deeper knowledge from new companies that came to assist the AD/automotive industry in the difficult task of meaningful testing and testing scaling-up;
  • Present your research work and receive feedback from academics and highly qualified professionals in the field;
  • Get fully prepared for the 2nd Hi-Drive Summer School in 2024!




The 1st Hi-Drive Summer School gathers academics and experts in the field of AD SW systems RnD with a focus on those systems’ validation and safety argumentation aspects. Themes and sub-themes already considered for building up the program include the following

AD perception and decision-making development and testing

  • Learning-based algorithms vs. statistical methods and available/generated datasets
  • Runtime monitors/explainability for AI-enabled modules
  • Safety argumentation building up (SoTIF)

Trials and methods for CAD systems verification

  • Tools, methods, metrics for combining real-world testing with virtual testing (methodologies and tools)
  • Re-usable tests and scenarios
  • Connectivity technologies and CAD Testbeds

Aspects of Human-AD system interaction

  • Characteristics of ToRs in DiL experiments
  • User aspects in AV-non AV interactions in real traffic
  • Communicating the unseen: new HMIs based on CAD system info (eHMIs, augmented perception OBU



A stellar line-up of 14 speakers in the intersection of academia, industry, and standards worlds will cover different aspects of CAD Development and Testing in a full 2-day long International Summer School organized by the Hi-Drive project!

  • Andreas Riener, Prof. for Human-Machine Interface and Virtual Reality, Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt
  • Angelos Amditis, Research & Development Director at ICCS/NTUA, Chairman of ERTICO
  • Aria Etemad, Hi-Drive coordinator, Volkswagen Group Innovation – Germany
  • Christian Neurohr, Researcher at DLR, Systems Engineering for Future Mobility Institute – Germany
  • Claudio Ettore Casetti, Full Professor at Politecnico di Torino, Department of Control and Computer Engineering – Italy
  • Felix Feng, Research Associate & Manager of the Intelligent Infrastructure and Transport Systems Laboratory at Imperial College London – UK
  • Georg Volk, Researcher at University of Tübingen, Dpt. of Computer Science, Embedded Systems – Germany
  • Jon Sadeghi, Machine Learning research engineer, Five.ai – UK
  • Jasmin Breitenstein, PhD Student Computer Vision, Technische Universität Braunschweig – Germany
  • Konstantinos Mattas, Joint Research Centre (JRC), European Commission Ispra
  • Lina Putze, Researcher at DLR, Systems Engineering for Future Mobility Institute – Germany
  • Marc-Michael Meinecke, Senior Researcher at Volkswagen – Germany
  • Marcel Sonntag, Researcher, Institute for Automotive Engineering, RWTH Aachen University – Germany
  • Werner Ritter, Researcher and Senior Expert at Mercedes-Benz GA – Germany



Day 1 : Algorithms behind Autonomous Vehicles Perception and decision-making and system behaviour safety analysis
Key layers of an AD system architecture are the perception and the decision-making layers (the quality of the latter depends on the first one).
In the first session, we focus on probabilistic reasoning or learning-based algorithms that have recently been proposed for multi-modal perception and decision-making.
 In the second session we investigate aspects of building up a safety argumentation appropriate for these AI-enabled time-critical systems.

Day 2: Trials and methods for CAD systems verification
As the complexity of automated driving functions rapidly increases, the requirements for test methods and tools are growing. Testing in virtual environments offers the advantage of completely controlled and reproducible environment conditions and it is the feasible way to follow if connected multi-agent setups have to be supported.
In a third session, we will learn about CAD test beds that have recently been developed for collaborative driving testing.
In a fourth session, we will expand the testbed discussion to include AD systems testing in real and virtual environments with the help of open-source standardized interfaces.
In a fifth and final session, the focus will lay on the users who have to interact with CAD systems HMIs (control transition, eHMIs, augmented perception OBU), based on human-in-the-loop studies.

The detailed agenda is available HERE!




A Student Poster exhibition (and optionally laptop-based demos) will be held in the reception hall during both days of the summer school. The poster exhibition is meant to host submissions by registered students offering them a place to discuss and disseminate their early work. All Ph.D. students, and young researchers that register to attend the summer school are encouraged to submit their posters to Sevi Christoforou (sevi.christoforou@iccs.gr) by 07 July 2023.

All poster submissions should include the final poster (A0 format – portrait), a title, a list of authors, and a short description of the work to be presented.

Note: If we receive more than 15 applications, participants will be selected based on their work area and background, geographic distribution, and date of application. Notification of acceptance will be sent by July 14th.




The HI-DRIVE 1st Summer School will be held on 06-07/09/2023 at AKS PORTO HELI Hotel, Porto Heli, GR 21061, Argolida, Peloponnese. The AKS Porto Heli Hotel is a conference venue and accommodation with direct access to the waterfront and is about 2 hours from Athens.

For information and questions related to accommodation you can reach out to Sevi Christoforou at sevi.christoforou@iccs.gr.

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