Hi-Drive's 1st Summer School 06.09.2023 | In Porto Heli - Greece, 06-07 September 2023

1st Hi-Drive SUMMER SCHOOL: Driving Towards Higher Automation


The inaugural Hi-Drive Summer School, co-organized by the ISENSE Group of ICCS and the EU-funded Hi-Drive project, successfully unfolded in Porto Heli on September 6-7, 2023. Despite weather-induced delays, the event gathered over 50 participants from across Europe, including researchers, PhD students, engineers, and industry experts.

Four sessions featured distinguished speakers from Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, leading European Universities, and research institutes. The focus was on key aspects of Automated Driving (AD), covering robust all-weather perception, verification and validation of safety-critical systems, and human factors in evaluating automated driving systems. The summer school showcased the connection between research and regulatory deployment of CCAM applications, emphasizing practical insights into AD implementation and testing. The theme, ‘Driving towards the deployment of Higher Automation,’ fostered knowledge exchange and networking.

Attendees explored topics such as learning-based AD perception, safety analysis, real-world testing with simulation, collaborative driving testing, and human-CAV interaction testing. The event also featured a dynamic Student Poster Exhibition, providing a platform for early work discussions and fostering collaboration among Ph.D. students and young researchers.

Despite challenges, the 1st Hi-Drive Summer School significantly contributed to advancing the field of Automated Driving, reinforcing the importance of collaborative efforts in navigating its complexities.


>>>  The detailed agenda with all featured speakers is available HERE


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